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Teletherapy: Our Experience So Far.

With the recent global pandemic many of us are finding that the way we are working is quite different from before. We at the Speech Sound Clinic are no different. As we can no longer see our lovely clients in person, we are finding new ways to do so. Teletherapy has become a great way that allows us to continue to offer an evidence-based, quality Speech and Language Therapy service to our clients.

How Have We Adapted?

We've been busy changing our homes into virtual therapy rooms, and adjusting how we work on a daily basis.


This video conferencing platform has been excellent in allowing us to make therapy fun and interactive for our clients. Zoom allows us to share our screen with those on the other side. It also allows us to give control of our screen to the child or parent attending the therapy session.


We have been enjoying making new materials along with using our old trusty ones. Also, using online classrooms has allowed us to create student profiles and assign work to each client. All work assigned is specific and individually designed to cater for each child’s Speech and Language needs. The child and parent can long in as often as they wish and practice their targets. We the therapists can also monitor the child’s progress between each session.


We all find it a little difficult to sit and look at a screen, so Reward charts continue to be a valuable resource use through Zoom that facilitates the child’s motivation and attention throughout the session.

Just as we would in a face-to-face session, we agree at the start of the session what the child will work for. The Speech and Language Therapists delivers 10 stars to the child and then the parent delivers the item. This has been working just as well as it would in person.

A variety of materials, apps, websites and games continue to be used allowing us to provide effective, interactive and fun therapy for our children.

Parents have reported that their children are enjoying this new way of learning. We certainly are too!

If you would like to speak to us regarding Teletherapy, please contact us.

The Speech Sound Clinic

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